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Near Death, and Out of Body Experiences.

The story that I have to tell about this topic, is about none other than my spiritually gifted wife Carla. She is what the world understands to be a medium. And the story about how she has acquired these gifts, and grown with them, is truly amazing. It all started when Carla was 10 years old. She had a bad fever, and over the counter medicine was all that her mother could afford to provide for her. So at the peak of her illness, she had went to sleep for the night, hoping for the best by morning. The experience that she had that night, was one that has remained firmly embedded in her memory, all of the days of her life. When she had fallen asleep, she had a dream that Jesus had come for her. He took her by the hand, and told her that it was time to go. She was crying and pleading with Him not to take her. Not because she was in fear, but out of compassion for her brothers and sisters. When He asked her why it was that she wanted to stay. She answered, to take care of my brothers and sisters. At that point, He whispered something into her ear that she cannot remember. Then He put His hand up to her head, and she awoke in her bed. She was healed of the fever, and had a full memory of what had just occurred. Being that she was only ten years old at the time, she then slept with her hand under her side, for some time. Thinking that if she did that, He would not take her by the hand again:) Now if that isn’t amazing enough, this is where it gets interesting. Shortly after experiencing this, Carla began to have experiences. And only after further review of her childhood, did she realize exactly what had happened within the order of events that did occurr. After having this, “Out Of Body Experience”, Carla began to see, and hear, people that were not living. Throughout her life, this gift that she has, reached to such an extent that it became natural to her. She thought that everyone was experiencing what she was, so she just ignored it for many years. The event that triggered the height of Carla’s spiritual awareness, was one worthy of writing a book about! So she did. It is Titled:

“A Woman’s Cry For God’s Help While Living With A Monster”

The title itself, can begin to prepare the reader for this true life story. Over the course of two years, Carla felt she was trapped in a progressively abusive relationship. She came to find out that the man was demonically possessed. She had discovered this to be true while the man was lying in his bed one night. He was telling her to get out! In a voice that was not his own. Carla went to get the Bible. When she came into the room, the man was acting like he was sleeping. She then held the bible against him, and he appeared to be choking. That night, she left the room and slept with the Bible in her hands.

During this time she discovered her automatic writing ability. In this time of turmoil, she felt inclined to ask God a question, so that her angel would relay the message to her. And that is exactly what happened. She has this ability to this day, and that is how her religious poetry is written.

Also during this time, Carla began to see, and hear spirits more than ever in her life. Her gift of sight grew to an overwhelming level. So she asked God to take it away, and He did. The spirits that she was seeing, and hearing, were coming to her for help. As if they knew that she could see and hear them. And that she had the ability to help them.

Carla escaped that relationship, as she explains it, when the time was right. God tells us that He will never leave or forsake us. Because it's true. In our darkest days, when we need Him the most. Is when we need to trust Him, and be wise in the ways of His teaching. Carla was trapped in that relationship for a time. Not out of a consideration for herself, but for others that were affected by it. I believe that it was her genuine compassion for others, that pleased God. And the result of it, was her deliverance out of that situation. She also learned how close God is to her in her time of need, just as He is to us all.

We realize now that we have a purpose to fulfill in the time that we have on this earth. And that is to help people to know God, in all of His loving kindness, wisdom, mercy, and grace. We were created for His pleasure because He knows that we all can rise above the ways of the world, and be at peace walking in His ways. The spiritual evidence that we have is an example of God's love for us. In that He has even gone to the extent of giving us all something to see with our eyes, so that we might turn to Him and be Healed. It is written, "God is love"

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