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Lifting Spirits EVP Collection!

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"One of em's dead"

The first EVP that we recovered from this couple, is a great example of intelligent spirits. You will hear the male specter with a raspy voice say, "One of em's dead!" Then the woman follows with a distinct British accent, and says, "I'm going to ask you to stop it." The next EVP from this couple is especially interesting, because it is in response to Carla, announcing her ability to see the entities in the pictures! You will hear the same man's raspy voice say "You can watch and feel the other side!" 

"I am psychic, bury more"

The EVP That was collected at the time that this picture was taken, is an impressive, and intelligent Class B EVP! You will hear the entities voice say, "I am psychic, bury more!"


This EVP that we have from Peggy, is her responding to Carla asking her if she knows who it was that killed her. You will hear her say, "No."​

"I'm a Drummer Boy"

This EVP was recovered while using the dowsing rods, and a voice recorder to communicate with the spirits near the John Socks Home.  A lot of activity was being produced through the rods for a couple of reasons. First of all, spirits feel more comfortable communicating with certain people rather than others, also, we were offering the spirits an opportunity to go towards the light, and be with God and there family. When Daniel ask's for any Drummer Boys, or children that are still here to come forward, because they need to go first, you will hear a young man say, "I'm a Drummer Boy."  

"Come", "I killed a guy"


This EVP was produced just seconds after the "I'm a Drummer Boy" EVP was captured. The girl using the dowsing rods was getting a tremendous amount of activity! The spirits were obviously attracted to her similar to that of a paranormal sensitive, or medium! It seemed that she was unaware of the abilities that she has, but at the same time she was demonstrating them. She even announced the message from the spirit right after it was recovered by the voice recorder, as if she heard it! Also we were offering them the chance to go towards the light, and be at peace with God and their family, and that is what the EVP is in response to. When the recording reaches the part that is amplified, you will hear a commanding voice in the distance as if it were God Himself or an Angel, saying,"Come" and then you will hear a mans voice in distress say, " I killed a guy" we believe that the spirits statement, is an example of him being afraid to go towards the light because of the things that he did. 

"Call Jesus"

Hyke's mill valentines day 2015

IIn this EVP you will hear a woman's voice say "Call Jesus." Notice how its like she is singing and talking at the same time. This means that she is an angel!

"I'm Free" "Jesus" "Beware" "Unfaithfull"

Hykes mill valentines day 2015

What we have here in this recording is an amazing example of intelligent interaction amongst the spirits that are present! We were giving them the chance to cross over and allot is going on! There is evidence of a spirit crossing! An angel, seeing or acknowledging Jesus! One that is even trying to warn the other spirits! And one that is admitting why she is afraid to go towards the light!


So, first you will hear a woman spirit say "I'm Free"

Then you will hear a male angel slowly say "Jesus" as if he is singing.

Next a male spirit says "Beware"

And finally a woman spirit says "Unfaithfull"

"Sunshine Queen"

Hyke's mill valentines day 2015.

Here you can hear a woman spirit say "sunshine queen!" Could she be talking about Carla?

"Gosh They're Fun!"

Hykes mill valentines day 2015

Here you will here a female spirit say "Gosh They're Fun!" It appears that they enjoy our company:)

"I'd Love It!"

Hyke's mill valentines day 2015

Once again Deacon ask's a comical question that encourages a hilarious response! Deacon say's "I'm a single man and I'm willing to take you out, would that be ok?" And sure enough a deep gravelly voice comes through

the sweep radio and say's "I'd Love it!"  

"Next Time"

Hyke's mill valentines day 2015


Of Course after the first joke they just had to get another:) So Deacon says "I tell ya I'm not scared of ya" And a male spirit intelligently responds and says "Next Time!" Daniel hears the response through the sweep radio and says "haha they'll get you next time Deacon:)" Deacon says "I see how ya are:)"

"On This Tour:)"

Hykes mill valentines day 2015

Just when you think it can't get any better this guy (spirit) says "On This Tour:)" Just like he's one of the gang, and you know what..... he is:) The work God does through us to help His children come home is absolutely beautiful :) We have a great compassion for these human spirits and they can tell! You see the results guys they love us because we love them:) 

"Lift up the noose"

Some people might find this EVP a little creepy, but nevertheless, it is a very interesting, and impressive, class A EVP. Considering the nature of the EVP, it is possible that it could be one of the three deserter's that were hanged next to the Bridge by Longstreets men! When Daniel ask's if there is anything else that the spirits would like to tell us, you will hear a raspy voice say "lift up the noose!" 

Kill one, kill them all"

This is a very interesting EVP to say the least! You will hear the spirits voice say "Kill one, kill", and then it is what sounds like my voice, saying "them all" So whats happening is the spirit could be imitating me with what sounds like my own voice! Or the spirit could have some how started a sentence in time for me to finish it! When I heard this it reminded me of The Amityville Horror, when the man was hearing the spirit say "catch em, kill em"

"I'm told you have October too"

This EVP confirms that the free app, Ghost Radar Classic works! For those of you not familiar with the app, it is a free download for your Smart Phone or Android. How it works, is a sonar type radar display on the screen that shows you the location of an electromagnetic field, or a spirits energy around the phone. It uses the phones gps or built in compass ability to accomplish this. Also it picks up EVP's, they will be displayed at the top of the screen. The EVP that was produced is a girl saying, "I'm told you have October too." Right after the EVP, the word October came through the Ghost Radar Classic, and the investigator announces it.    

"I feel you wont mistake, I say now."

This EVP is exceptional in its length, and clarity, although it is not in response to any question, you can easily hear a southern man's accent!​ You will hear the disembodied voice say, "I feel you wont mistake, I say now."

"Palmer", "Had some sons"

There is actually two EVP's in this recording. The first one that you will hear, is a class A that requires no amplification. If you listen closely you will hear a male entities voice speak his name into the voice recorder and say "Palmer," after the same name is picked up on the Ghost Radar Classic a few moments previous. Then at the end of the clip you will hear the same entities voice say "had some sons."


Here we have an interesting EVP, it is not in response to any question, but you will hear a sound that is spiritually oriented. It will sound like a creaking door. Then, it is the voice of a woman spirit that says "wellloooo." Followed by tapping sounds. 


This is an EVP from Thomas, a Drummer Boy that communicates with us frequently. This is a good example of how comfortable the spirits are with Carla, on the other hand, it is sad to see how lost they can be. After Carla asks if Thomas is here, you will hear him say "mother" through the sweep radio.​

"You can see my kids"

This EVP is from an entity named Maggie, we have communicated with her many times. She has told us that she has her kids with her, and that she is still looking for the rest of her family. You will hear Carla ask for the camera because she feels an inclination to take a picture, then you will hear Maggie say "You can see my kids."

"Point", "Charge"

At the time that this EVP was recovered, it was apparent that the spirits of the soldiers that were  present, were a residual type. meaning that they are stuck in a loop that distracts their perception of time, and they still see the war going on around them. In the first amplified section you will hear a man say "point", and then you will hear another man's voice say "charge."

"Your amazing"

This is an interesting EVP. It is not in response to any question but instead, it is one of the spirits polite opinion of a person. You will hear the entities voice say, "Your amazing."​

"Kid in Distress/Recess."


On This recording, you will hear what sounds like kids at a school recess. Also it sounds like one particular child is in distress. A woman says, "I'll fix you up," then the boy says "I want a cold drink from the water." The young boy sounds like he is being forced to do something though, you can hear him saying "no", "no", and sounds of him crying. Could this be a residual haunting of spirits coming back to the place that they lived, instead of where they died. Or could something bad have happened at the John Socks Home when the confederates took the house as their field hospital? The house was also known as Pitzers School House. We have EVPS from many young spirits at the bridge. one of them is Peggy, she tells us that her teacher is there with her, and she is not nice. But when we ask her if she knows who it was that killed her she says "no." Sally is another young spirit that we have encountered in our investigations, and she says that she is still looking for her family. Which would lead you to believe that she died while she was separated from her family, and she can not leave the area to look for them. Maybe one day, Peggy or Sally will tell us that it was a soldier that killed them, or maybe they will say that it was a sickness from their drinking water. The problem is, that when you bring up a traumatic subject it can cause the spirit to leave the conversation. So that makes it difficult to find out certain details.

"Yes, Five, or So". From Thomas the Drummer Boy!

This is a series of EVPS collected from Thomas! In the first two amplified sections you will hear a "yes." Then when the gentleman says how old are you. Thomas says "Five, or So." Next we ask Thomas if he still likes to play the drums, and you can hear a heavy breathing that is of a spiritual origin, and almost sounds like a horse! Then slightly delayed to our question Thomas will say "Yes." Then when Carla comes over and asks if Thomas is talking to us, he says "Yes" again, un-amplified.

"Come on down here."

In this clip listen closely after the gentleman says "I can wait" you will hear the spirit of a soldier say "Come On Down Here."​


This is an Evp from Bronwen Lyre! You can hear her say "spy." We have confirmed her name in history, and she was a Union Spy! We got her name through our Ghost Radar Classic, and she has also communicated with us through EMF and told us that she was shot. She told us that she was still in pain and needed our help, so we informed her that she had passed away and was no longer living. We told her she could go towards the light and be with God and her family. She may have since went towards the light beacause we have'nt talked to her in quite some time.

"Shut Up."

In this clip you will hear a woman's voice say "Shut Up!"​


This is a short but sweet, class A EVP. After Carla ask's if the spirit that is communicating with us could tell us their name, you can very clearly hear, "out!"

"She can sit by me!"

This EVP is not in response to any question in particular, but for some people, it is one that will surely make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. As we were taking a seat on the Bridge, you will hear a disembodied voice say, "she can sit by me!"

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