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Carla Hehir's Religious Poetry,

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Carla Hehir's Poetry Sample!

There is One who holds the world in His hands
It is HE who walked across the sands
Controls our mind and our dreams
Seals our hearts at the seams
HE is the One who created life
HE erases despair and strife
Open your hearts and let Him in
For this life you will win
Heartache that fills the soul
His word is the toll
HE will help with anguish that tries to overcome the heart
If you need comfort this is where to start
He created tears and also laughter as emotions
His word is love and should be our devotions
Hold His hand as HE does lead
Call on Him in your time of need
HE is in battle for all of us everyday, HE carries the sword
Our Father Who Art In Heaven , Our Lord

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