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Basic Paranormal Terms, Definitions, and Info. 

Electronic Voice Phenomenon!

Commonly referred to as an EVP. This is when you capture a spirits voice on a voice recorder. It is important that you wait ten seconds between your questions when your using the voice recorder, so that you are not talking while the spirit is talking, because our voices are much louder than theirs, and if you are talking at the same time that they are, you will not be able to recover the EVP. Most importantly, you must only welcome human spirits to talk to you. We say, any men women or children that may be here, are welcome to talk to us. And never tell them, that they can have any of your energy, to communicate with you. You can use a digital voice recorder by itself, or with a microphone attached for higher quality recording. Or, you can use a tape recorder. It is believed, that the benefit of using a tape recorder, is that the tape itself is a magnetic strip, and it may make it easier for the spirit to attach its voice to the magnetic tape. Make sure to always include in your questions with other pieces of equipment, to instruct the spirits to speak into the light on your recorder as well.  

Electromagnetic Field./EMF Detector. 

A spirit is made up of an electromagnetic field, which is basically energy. It is beleived that an EMF detector can be used to communicate with the spirits, using yes and no questions. It does indeed appear that an EMF detector can be used to communicate with spirits. Common types of EMF detectors starting with the entry level devices are, Ghost meter, K2 meter, natural EMF detectors, and the Mel Meter. All of these devices will work for your investigation, but the Mel Meter will tell you exactly how much energy, is in a specific location. Mel Meters can also come equipped with a temperature sensor, voice recorder, or Spirit Box already built in. A Spirit Box is a radio that sweeps the frequencies fast enough so that you do not get a full word from a radio station. The spirits can communicate through the device, and you can get real time EVP'S. When using your EMF detector, you instruct the entity to touch the EMF detecting device for a yes or no answer. It is important to wait ten seconds between questions so that you can confirm the answer to the question that you just asked. Also you want to instruct the entity to touch the meter once or twice so that you can confirm an intelligent response. Depending on the energy of the spirit, you can get stronger readings on your EMF detector. Always be aware of natural things that occur in the environment that could mislead you into thinking that you have spiritual activity. For instance, electrical wiring in a house or outside power line in a close enough vacinity could give you EMF readings. Also, a two way radio, police radar, smart phone, or regular radio could also give EMF readings. And if you bump a meter, or get it close enough to other equipment that has batteries in it could also give you an EMF reading.


Why Ghost Hunt At Night?

The reason that investigations are better held at night, is because the atmosphere is a fluctuating membrane, and when the sun is beating down on it, it causes it to have tension, and be more dense to protect life on earth from the harmful rays of the sun. A good example of the effect this has on our environment, is the fact that you can get a better cell phone, or radio signal at night, because it is easier for electrical devices to send signals in an environment that is more relaxed. At night, the atmosphere actually relaxes, and expands farther into space. So technically, the winter months that have shorter days and longer nights are even better to conduct an investigation.


Ectoplasm is a physical material that is associated with a spirit forming, or spiritual energy! This energy can be appear to be amplified by mediums because the energy that they themselves have, actually attracts spirits seeking help. For example, my wife Carla. The spirits are attracted to her because they seek her help, whether its unfinished business that the spirit has, or something tragic thats happened to them that needs to be set to rest, or a message for there family. However we don't refer to Carla as a medium, but rather spiritually gifted from God. 

  Ectoplasm is thought to only occur at night, because the suns harmful rays may disintegrate the ectoplasm material. Since World War II reports of Ectoplasm have been rare, and scientists are doubtful as to whether or not true cases of ectoplasm being reported had actually occurred. The pictures that we have that are most consistent with the pre-World War II reports. Are of soldier's face that appears Green. And the other is of a full bodied apparition with ectoplasm trailing from the face area.    


An apparition is a spirit that has formed itself! Most of the time you can capture on camera an apparition of a face, or part of a spirits body. It is less common for the spirits to form their whole body. When the apparition has color to it, it is even more rare.


An Orb is a spirit in its energy conserving form! They will appear as a ball of light with a ring around the outside of them and texture within the sphere shape. We have also seen orbs that have a hexagon shape to them. Orbs may appear different at long distances away from the camera, so you cannot say for sure that you have captured an orb on camera unless you can see defining characteristics. Also, orbs can appear to be more transparent than others. We have had people with us that can see the spirit world, and have pointed out entitie's in a specific location, and we instantaneously took a picture. That's how we know that orbs can appear bright or more transparent. A good test is also to take pictures with two cameras at the same time to see if you can capture the same orb in the same place with two cameras, thus eliminating the chance of a skeptics claim that it is dust refracting off of the lens. For the fact that modern cameras have the flash so close to the lens it is common to have false positive pictures of orb's when in fact it is just dust. Be aware of fog in the air, dust, rain, and snow. These weather related environments can be deceiving when trying to capture a true orb on camera.

Ectoplasm Classified!!!  Lifitng Spirits Paving the Paranormal Road!!!


Class A Ectoplasm! 

Class B Ectoplasm!
Class C Ectoplasm!

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